Merry Hopmas - Medium Mask

Merry Hopmas - Medium Mask

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Matchy Matchy is the new pink!   

Nothing says bold like matching accessories! Match your mask to your pooch and be the coolest kid on the block! 


The medium is 19cm long x 12cm height from top of nose to bottom. 

Elastic is 30cm long and can be adjusted if needed by rotating the elastic until you find the knot, untie and tie tighter. Please note that the elastic will give over time, and your mask may need to be tightened after a few wears. 

Each mask is made from 3 layers of cotton fabric, contoured around the face for the perfect fit. Connecting to the ears with elastic hoops, our masks are designed to be user friendly.

Our masks are washable and reusable, but are not medical grade. They are made to CDC standards who recommend masks are made from 3 layers of material. Some patterns are a slightly thicker cotton fabric to other prints however all masks have three layers.  

Masks should be washed after every time they are taken off, or at the very least every day. They should be be washed with hot soapy water.    

Our masks are made to order. They are all handmade, which may result in slight size variation. Print placement may vary due to the individual nature of each mask. 


Small: 51cm long. Fits 17-30cm neck.
Fits dogs similar to: Dachshund, Chihuahua, & Toy poodle

64cm long. Fits 20- 42cm neck.
Fits dogs similar to: Cavoodle, Cavalier, & Frenchie

84cm long. Fits 29- 62cm neck.
Fits dogs similar to: Cattle dog, Blue heeler, Labrador, Great Dane & even goats!!

How to measure your dogs neck?

Get a piece of string and wrap it gently around your dog's neck. Mark where the two ends meet. Then lay the string flat and measure with ruler or measuring tape. This measurement will help you determine what size bandana suits your dog's neck size best. 


Hand or machine warm wash gentle cycle. 
Hang in sun to dry. Do not tumble dry.


Returns/exchange will not be available for this product. Please purchase carefully and message me if you have any questions prior to purchase.


The purpose of the mask is to discourage you from touching your nose and mouth area. Their intent is to reduce infection, but ultimately cannot prevent you from getting COVID-19.